Mission of Saint James in Minerva

The mission church of St. James in Minerva, though it may be small, has been a part of the area for many years. The Catholics in the area have been attended to since 1852, when the priest in Maysville came up to offer Mass. A building was converted into the first church in 1866 and St. James was formally established as a church in 1868, when it was assigned to the pastor at St. James in Brooksville. A proper church was built and dedicated in 1876, but this building was destroyed by lightning and fire in 1940. The current church was dedicated in 1941. Since 2012, St. James has been a mission church of St. Patrick in Maysville, and the community has seen a small revival since that time. We continue to live and worship in the same Catholic faith as our forefathers who came to this area and hope you will join us for Sunday Mass!